The benefits of Mothers Groups


When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I heard so many horror stories about mothers groups. Stories about competition between parents, judgement on the way that you are raising your baby, and everything in between. I was struggling with the change of identity after my first, and the challenge of being a new mum.
My health nurse recommended mothers group to me, Honesty, not living close to my friends from back home, who are mums, I was a little intimidated and nervous to attend mothers group. I was worried about the competition, or even simply having to get myself neat and together in order to go outside. But ultimately, it was one of the best early decisions I made in my motherhood journey!
What most new mothers fear of a mothers group is exactly what other mothers are in fear of as well, which is exactly why they should be a part of one.
Within weeks, we were talking about each other’s delivery, breastfeeding issues and gossiping like nobody’s business. What started as relationships based off a common event at a common time (ie: having a child within the past six months), soon became one of mothers simply being mothers, having mother problems and enjoying (should I say craving) conversation with an adult. 
The evidence also stacks up for mothers groups. The role of a support network in fending off post-natal depression cant be underestimated, and the bond forged between people with shared experiences can be incredibly beneficial in both how the group can support you, but also in how you can lend support to another. From sleepless night, from second guessing every small decisions, these other mums were right there also, thinking and feeling the same things. They saw the smiles, the tears, the days of no sleep, they were an amazing support!
I was someone who struggled becoming a new mum. The loss of identity and the change of roles in my life was hard to handle, second guessing a lot of what I was doing or feeling like I wasn’t doing things the “perfect” way. These mums were my village. My place to vent, my reassurance, the kind words and the friendships that I will always value! We come from all walks of life and different stages of parenthood but these 24 mums were so important on my motherhood journey!
So we are now SEVEN years down the track and we still meet regularly, talk most days (much to the annoyance of my husband when the group chat is going off to all hours of the night) and I am eternally grateful to the women of my Mothers Group for the support – assistance and sympathetic ear that I needed in the first few years of motherhood.