Milestones & Memories - The Art of Storytelling

Memories are an essential part of our development. We capture memories in multiple forms whether it be photographs, writing in journals or scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is a past time that is often associated to our gorgeous little old grandma’s who sit at the table with their endless supplies of cardboard. The act of collating images and capturing memories in an album allows for these memories to be passed down through the generations.
Thanks to the advancement of technology we can now capture moments by the touch of our smartphones. We can upload, download, attach, tweet, post, pin, blog and share our memories from anywhere around the world. The digital new age has provided us with a platform to share these memories, but what about the art of storytelling?
Our story starts when we are born. We capture the very details that make up our human existence and record it in a book. Our baby books are a vital part of who we are and capturing our identity when we are too little to remember or acknowledge it ourselves. We celebrate life’s milestones such as first steps, first word, birthday parties, loosing our first tooth, school graduations and transitioning to adulthood.

There is something really beautiful in capturing life’s little moments and memories that articulate who we are. However it isn’t just a rewarding experience for the recipient of the baby book, but even more so for the individuals writing the story as it unfolds. It is ironic that some of the best memories can be created whilst reminiscing and recording these milestones.

Whenever you decide to capture your little ones’ story, consider the importance of why you are doing it. Enrich the experience by doing it as a couple or as a Mummy and Daughter project with your bubs new Grandma. Enjoy creating new memories together that will last a lifetime for you and your little one!