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Milestones & Memories - The Art of Storytelling

Our story starts when we are born. We capture the very details that make up our human existence and record it in a book. Our baby books are a vital part of who we are and capturing our identity when we are too little to remember or acknowledge it ourselves. We celebrate life’s milestones such as first steps, first word, birthday parties, loosing our first tooth, school graduations and transitioning to adulthood.

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Grandparents Journal - Capturing those special moments with the Grandparents

I had such amazing memories with my grandparents, and since becoming a Mum, I not only watch my grandparents and the great relationship they have with our daughters, I also love watching our parents with our daughters and the memories that they are creating. From big overseas trips, to simple quiet times of Saturday morning cuddles with grandparents in bed, its memories that they treasure and memories that my daughters will remember.

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